Montenegrin Gothic is a typeface designed by Zarko Banovic. One style (Bold) available for direct free download only from End User License Agreement (PDF). Please don't redistribute without prior permission. Thanks.


Download Montenegrin Gothic Bold for Mac or Windows. By downloading this font, you agree to the license information.

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Font License Information

You are free:
- to use the font for personal and commercial use
- to embed this font (in PDF’s, Flash files and programs)
Under the following conditions:
- You agree that the font software is owned by Zarko Banovic.
- This font software can not be modified, adapted or converted.
- You may not sell or distribute this font without my permission.
- Zarko Banovic / XAL Type is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of this font.
End User License Agreement: Download EULA

Montenegrin Gothic Bold - Copyright © by Zarko Banovic, 2014. All right reserved.


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This font contains various accented characters and other letters needed for writing languages of Western Europe, and some special characters. Date Released: September 02, 2014. Manual kerning (All pairs): 16021. Glyphs: 266. Fonts similar to 'Montenegrin Gothic Bold': Copperplate Gothic Bold, American Gothic Bold.

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My name is Zarko Banovic; and I’m a graphic, type, logo and web designer from Herceg Novi, Montenegro. I am looking forward to your comments, suggestions and to any information if/how you incorporated this font. If you do find a problem, please do report it to I can't guarantee any direct response, but will try to fix reported bugs in future versions.